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Proper lighting is an important part of boating safety. Accon Marine‘s 210-M and 211-M Pop-Up LED Bowlights are US Coast Guard approved for two nautical miles, so users can confidently navigate ahead.

They shine bright whenever needed, whether cruising at night or in the early morning. As an additional safety benefit, both the 210-M and 211-M fold down flush when not in use. This keeps the deck free from unnecessary protrusions and helps prevent tripping.

Constructed from marine-grade 316 stainless steel, these lights are easy to install and have a stud length of 2″. The 210-M requires users to drill a 3-1/2″ diameter hole with a saw and fasten with three #10 screws.

The 211-M fits in the same cut-out as the company’s 204-M light for easy upgrading. A supplied template can be used to create the hole wherever the light will be mounted. It also fastens with three #10 screws.


Accon Marine’s 210-M and 211-M Pop-Up LED Bowlights have a price of $195.89 each.

Contact Accon Marine, 13665 Automobile Blvd., Clearwater, FL  33762.  727-572-9202; Fax: 727-572-7621.

An installation video . To prevent unwanted runoff, an optional plastic cup is available.


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